From TMS 2017: This Subaru Viziv shows us the next WRX saloon

As the Mitsubishi Evo returns as an SUV, Subaru pumps up its oldest foe

Subaru Viziv 3

Meet the next Subaru WRX. And after the Mitsubishi Evo has morphed into an SUV, so the no-longer-an-Impreza appears to have downed the protein shakes and bulked up a bit.

While not on the scale of transformation its rival has gone through, this Viziv Performance Concept certainly has a look of crossover about its proportions. Its David Blaine-like levitation above Subaru’s Tokyo Motor Show stand probably doesn’t help, mind.

Subaru Viziv 1

It’s longer and wider than the current WRX STI saloon, but sticks to its traditional boxer petrol engine/all-wheel drive setup. No sops to electrification at Subaru just yet.

While Subaru hasn’t gone into firm details – it would appear this is just a design study – we’re told it embraces “widespread future deployment of automated driving technologies”, utilising a next-gen version of Subaru’s ‘EyeSight’ driver assist systems. Perhaps, like that new Evo, it wants to help you drive fast.

Subaru Viziv 5

Power outputs are conspicuous by their absence, but the WRX brand hasn’t really moved on from the circa-300bhp ballpark for over a decade now. Perhaps Subaru sees that as the sports saloon sweet spot, but a production version of the Viziv would need 400bhp or more to stand out in a world of Audi RS3s, Mercedes CLA AMGs and Ford Focus RSs.

Reckon a WRX that looked like this would put fast Scoobies back on the map? Or should Subaru have followed Mitsubishi and gone chasing a different genre already?

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