Pirelli Cinturato Rosso tyres launched in Malaysia - 15" to 21", From RM250

By Gokul, 08 July 2022

Available in sizes between 15- and 21 inches, prices start from RM250 per piece

Pirelli Cinturato Rosso

The Cinturato Rosso will actually be replacing the Pirelli Cinturato P1 which is quite a popular tyre among motorists in Malaysia.

Available in more than 50 sizes ranging from 15 to 21 inches, the Cinturato Rosso can be used by almost any passenger vehicle out there including modern crossovers, sedans and even SUVs and MPVs.

Designed to offer better braking performance than the Cinturato P1, the Rosso also promises to offer a quieter and more comfortable driving experience than the former.

All of the above were actually demonstrated during the launch ceremony at the Sepang International Circuit recently, where we were given the opportunity to test the Cinturato Rosso in three different exercises - Wet braking, dry braking, and quietness and comfort test.

Pirelli Cinturato Rosso

The first exercise which we did was the comfort and quietness test where the new tyre was fitted on a few units of Toyota Alphards which we drove around Sepang, where the level of road noise was impressively low. It was super quiet too.

After that, we jumped into a couple of Toyota Camry Hybrids with the Cinturato P1 and Cinturato Rosso, and did the wet brake test and dry brake test where we compared how both tyres performed. 

What we had to do was accelerate to 80km/h and hit the brakes as hard as we could to see how long it takes to come to a complete stop, and also to measure the distance taken.

After a few runs, it was evident that the cars fitted with the Pirelli Cinturato Rosso tyres stopped faster than the cars fitted with the Cinturato P1s. The time taken to go from naught to 80 kph and back to 0 was about 27 seconds in average, versus the P1's 30 seconds.

As for the distance, cars fitted with the Rossos clearly came to a stop in slightly shorter distance compared to the cars with P1s.

Pirelli Cinturato Rosso

So, after demonstrating how much it has improved compared to the Cinturato P1, the folks at Pirelli revealed the price of the new Cinturato Rosso, which stands between RM250 per piece (15-inch) to RM2,500 per piece (21-inch).

That said, the new Pirelli Cinturato Rosso is available at all Pirelli Tayaria outlets nationwide. 

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