Hurrah! We can now afford a Bugatti Bolide…

By ramieza, 04 January 2023

Hurrah! We can now afford a Bugatti Bolide…

Good news for those fans of Bugatti with less than €4m (RM18.6m) in their bank account: there’s an all-new, genuinely affordable version of the 1,578bhp track-only Bolide now on sale…

Just one hitch, you’ll have to build it yourself and it measures 8cm tall, 31cm long and 13cm wide. Yep, it’s a Lego Technic model.

Pretty cool though, we reckon. It’s made up of 905 pieces and features scissor opening doors, a detailed interior with a proper working steering system and a replica of Bugatti’s mighty W16 engine complete with moving pistons. Nice. 

All the mini Bolides will come finished in black and yellow, with full aero-spec bodywork and slippery wheel covers.

Niels Henrik Horsted, Head of Product Lego Technic & Speed Champions, said: “I am very excited about this new model. Our Lego Technic designers have done an amazing job capturing the details of this extreme Bugatti design. With Lego bricks you can build anything you can imagine, and with Lego Technic elements, you can build for real. I’ve always been passionate about engineering and this model’s details and design are absolutely fascinating – I can’t wait to start building it myself.”

Just 40 examples of the real life Bolide will be produced, but there should be a few more Lego versions with each one costing £44.99 (RM237).

Thoughts, folks?