Are these the weirdest drift cars ever?

Jag E-Type, Morris Marina, even a C-Class diesel - as long as it's RWD, you can drift it

Weird Drift Cars 1

Most cars with rear-wheel drive will drift. It’s how easy it is to make them drift that separates them. Well, current All Stars Drift Champion James Deane has been in contact, ahead of the Long Beach round of Formula Drift at the end of this month. And he’s presented us with a list of rear-drivers you might not expect to see on the competitive drifting circuit. Unlikely bases for proper, smokey drift cars. Do you see any odd ones out and about. This Lambo also springs to mind

Weird Drift Cars 2

Ford Sierra Estate
The car that started Deane’s career. Completely stock, save for the welded diff and hydraulic handbrake.

Weird Drift Cars 3

Jaguar E-Type “Project Purist”
Has a Toyota 1JZ engine and BMW E39 5 Series rear-end. Waste of a good E-Type? Not quite. This thing was in such a bad state, there’s no way a serious restoration could even have been attempted.

Weird Drift Cars 4

Isuzu Piazza
Pretty cars these (work of Giorgetto Giugiaro), and rare too. This one spends its time going sideways.

Weird Drift Cars 5

Mercedes C-Class Estate
We’re told diesel is a bit of a thing in drift-land. If maximum smoke is the aim, we can see why.

Weird Drift Cars 6

Morris Marina
This Marina is its owner’s daily driver. Welded diff and all. If you must drive a Marina, this is surely the way to do it.

Weird Drift Cars 7

Volvo 240
The roll cage looks as though it has seriously compromised the 240’s Ikea sofa-carrying abilities.

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