Quick Take: Honda CR-V 2.4L i-VTEC

If you thought the 2.0L was lackluster then turn your attention to the 2.4L variant

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Our initial impressions of the CR-V were based on the 2.0L variant, and they were positive despite lacking in some areas. The 2.0-litre engine struggles to pull the 1.5 tonne SUV, even with the aid of a 5-speed automatic and 4WD. Some felt the interior could be better off with a touchscreen player and a push start button.

If you shared the same sentiments, then like me, you'll be happier off with the 2.4L variant. Now equipped with a 2.4-litre K24 i-VTEC engine, the CR-V has the right amount of power to match its car-like handling for the road. 222Nm of torque allows the engine to climb steadily on the revs and shows no shortage of breath to pull the CR-V up to a maximum speed of 190kph.

The interior is the same as before, now fitted with a push start button and a double-din touchscreen. Bluetooth connectivity and reverse camera are two features most drivers would like to have in their vehicles and you'll be happy to know the CR-V has both. The single-pull fold down rear seats have remained and is arguably the highlight of the CR-V.

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The price tag of RM169,800 (OTR with insurance) is a real bargain for a vehicle that offers you luxury, comfort, performance, and generous amounts of interior space. 


Engine: 2.4L DOHC 4-cylinder 16 Valve i-VTEC

Max Power: 188hp@7,000rpm

Max Torque: 222Nm@4,400rpm

Performance: 0-100 in 10.6 secs, 190kph vmax

Price: RM169,800 (OTR with insurance)

Author: TopGear
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