Toyota announces spare parts reproduction for A70 & A80 Supra

By sep, 29 June 2021

Toyota Gazoo Racing is keeping the iconic Supra line-up alive yb announcing the reproduction of additional spare parts for the A70 and A80 Supra. These parts will be made available under the GR Heritage Parts Project and will go on sale in Japan, North America, Europe, and other overseas countries starting July 2021.

The project is dedicated to those who are in love with the Toyota Supra range and what better way to do so than reproducing some discontinued parts. Getting your hands on some genuine Supra parts will be slightly easier thanks to this initiative. Once all the preparations are complete, Toyota also plans to make the A70 and A80 Supra parts available at Toyota dealers the same way you can find the usual genuine parts. Awesome possum.

toyota supra heritage parts
toyota supra heritage parts

However, they will only make a limited number of parts and will go on sale on the Toyota Gazoo Racing website starting with whichever parts that are ready for purchase. The timeline posted by Toyota starts with the clutch master cylinder, clutch release cylinder, brake and heater hoses, AC panel knobs, emblems, mouldings, oxygen sensors, bumper covers, and more. Sweet.

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