Isuzu sold the most D-Max last month since 2005 - over 1,200 units registered

By sep, 14 April 2022

1,233 units of the Isuzu D-Max were registered and delivered in March 2022 alone

Isuzu Malaysia is happy to report that their sales figure last month (March 2022) recorded a new national sales record. A total of 1,233 units were registered in the past month, breaking their previous record of 885 from December 2014.

The third-generation Isuzu D-Max certainly turned a lot of heads when it was unveiled back in April 2021, and it certainly helped to boost the pickup truck's overall sales thanks to the very popular 3.0-litre V-Cross variant.

They've also increased the supply through additional allocations from the factory to ensure that even the 1.9-litre Premium Auto and range-topping X-Terrain bookings were fully completed and reducing the customers' overall waiting time for their new pickup trucks.

According to Isuzu Malaysia's CEO, Kenkichi Sogo, "As a customer-centric brand where our owners depend on Isuzu vehicles to serve them faithfully, our priority was to hasten supply to meet the increased demand for this highly-popular and versatile pick-up truck."

"I wish to thank our customers who have eagerly and patiently waited for their brand new Isuzu D-Max. We hope to continue ramping up supplies over the coming months to further reduce the waitlist for our vehicles," he added.

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