Fancy a LokaTAG built-in toll reader for your car?

By thoriq, 10 July 2019
LokaTAG launch
LokaTAG launch

Despite the discontinuation of the SmartTAG device by Touch ‘n Go Sdn Bhd, Malaysian motorists need not worry as third party providers have stepped up with alternative devices like the MaxTag unit made by Austrian tech firm Efkon Asia Sdn Bhd.

Said firm took its next step after collaborating with LOKATECH Engineering Sdn Bhd, bringing forth a new solution dubbed LokaTAG. Launched earlier today, LokaTAG is the first and only authorised built-in toll reader to enter the local aftermarket auto accessories scene.

Notably, LokaTAG’s debut comes following brisk sales of the MaxTag device, with Efkon Asia Sdn Bhd noting an average monthly sales figure of 12,000 units since launch. However, unlike the MaxTag device, the newly introduced LokaTAG system stands as an alternative built-in unit that fits neatly in your car.

The system consists of a transmitter & receiver antenna module paired with a card reader module, the latter of which boasting both a long-lasting back-lit display and an audible alert for card errors and low credit (less than RM10).

The system is designed to seamlessly integrate itself in most modern cars on sale today as it can be powered either through a cigarette lighter/12-volt socket, or directly by the vehicle’s battery.

At RM499 each, the LokaTAG system isn’t cheap per say, but said price includes a one-year warranty and free on-site installation services for customers located in the Klang Valley, Penang, and Johore. Customers outside these areas can have their LokaTAG devices installed for free at selected authorised dealers instead.

Besides selected authorised dealers, consumers can purchase the LokaTAG system through the LokaTAG official online store on the popular Shopee Malaysia ( online shopping platform.

Additionally, there’s an option for a 0 per cent easy payment scheme with the additional cost of just RM1 for purchases made through Shopee as well.

Still want to stick to a good old-fashioned SmartTAG-like device? Well fret not as Efkon also previewed a prototype USB-chargable version of its popular MaxTag device during the LokaTAG launch today (pictured below).

The firm says that a final version of this will go on sale later this year, likely with a redesigned housing and packaging.