Touch ‘n Go stops selling SmartTag today, RFID tech implemented soon

By ahmadzulizwan, 08 August 2018

Welcome to the 21st century fellow Malaysians, as Touch ‘n Go has announced that they expect to implement use of RFID (radio frequency identification) for toll payment on all highways beginning January 2019.

You may already know that RFID will be the new electronic toll payment method to replace the current SmartTag. RFID system comprises a sticker – called the RFID tag – which is embedded with a radio frequency chip, and the tag needs to be placed either on the vehicle’s windshield or even headlamp. Every tag can only be installed on the vehicle it is registered to.

An overhead scanner at the toll plaza will read the radio frequency from the RFID sticker and charge the appropriate fare. The value in the sticker is linked to the user’s Touch ‘n Go eWallet.


Touch ‘n Go will no longer sell the SmartTag device at all authorised channels beginning today. No worries, though, as your existing SmartTag device and Touch ‘n Go cards can still be used as usual. (The company says that there will be NO refunds even if you’ve just bought your SmartTag. Ouch! And you can’t even exchange it to the RFID tag. Ouch!)

The interesting bit is that Touch ‘n Go will begin its RFID pilot testing period and will make it open for members of the public. The pilot testing starts 3 September 2018, open to Klang Valley highway users who drive privately registered vehicles, specifically motorcars, vans, jeeps, and pickups (Class 1 vehicles). Drivers of other types of vehicles are not eligible for the test. Fee for the RFID card will be waived during this pilot phase but chosen testers must reload their eWallet to pay for toll, naturally.

The Touch ‘n Go eWallet is a smartphone app which links to the account that holds your money. Users can reload, make payments, or even transfer funds using this app. So, even if your phone battery is dead you can still make payment at the toll plaza using the RFID tag, as long as there’s enough value in the eWallet

Those interested to sign up as a pilot user may do so by submitting the required information at

These are the toll plazas which will be using the RFID system (at toll lanes with the corresponding signage) during the pilot phase: