BMW prices with SST revealed

By topgear, 04 September 2018

BMWS Group Malaysia has also released their official RRP for locally-assembled and imported vehicles with six per cent SST cost attached. No big surprises, with CKD models getting a slight reduction in prices (compared to the GST days, as you can see in the table below) while the imported models see an increase.

It seems like the 530e PHEV is the biggest winner with RM15,000 difference with a new RRP of RM328,800; even if the (also plug-in hybrid) 330e M Sport sees now comes with the same price as during the 6 per cent GST era.

The new M5 which previously was just below the million ringgit mark now breaches that point with a price of RM1.01 million, and the X2 SAV RM8,000 dearer than before.

All the PHEV models, which are all also locally-assembled thus benefitting from EEV incentives, may yet see a movement in price later this year once the government lays out the new National Automotive Policy. We hope that it will still favour CKD energy efficient vehicles regardless if it is for a foreign carmaker.