New NAP to be revealed by end of year

By ahmadzulizwan, 30 August 2018

A new National Automotive Policy will be introduced by year’s end, deputy International Trade and Industry minister, Dr Ong Kian Ming said earlier today in Dewan Negara. According to a report by Bernama, the new policy would ensure that the automotive industry remained competitive and benefited the people.

He hinted of a policy that will offer reasonable prices for vehicles as well as a relook to the AP fee paid by some car sellers. Additionally, the new NAP will focus to the revamp of all industry monopolies.

“We are reviewing the National Automotive Policy and we will announce a new, more competitive policy that offers more reasonable prices for vehicles. We are also looking again at the RM10,000 fees that vehicle traders have to pay for every open Approved Permit (AP) import licence.”

While the deputy minister did mention that the government has no plans to abolish the AP system – which is not too surprising, honestly – the reason for such a stand does sound immediately strange. He reasoned that the Approved Permit was not a factor that determines market prices of vehicles. Perhaps this is explained by his statement that several stringent measures will be adopted to ensure that the AP is not misused.