Woohoo! The cheapest Toyota Supra drifts, too

By topgear, 19 March 2020

We know you’re craving good news right now, and here it is. The slower, cheaper four-cylinder Supra will still drift. Hurrah!

Toyota gave us all the specs a wee while back, but has chosen this week to release an absolute mountain of pictures of both standard (yellow) and Fuji Speedway (white) versions of the new, 2.0-litre engined GR Supra. And it’s had the good heart to show us the thing shredding its tyres on a race track, a move we don’t see from an awful lot of carmakers in their stock imagery. Almost as if a weenier-engined Supra has a point to prove…

It’s on paper stats talk the talk, though. The 4cyl turbo comes from BMW – as do quite a lot of the Supra’s innards – but Toyota’s opted to only bring the 254bhp tune to Europe, ignoring the 197bhp version to presumably avoid cannibalising already low GT86 sales.

It’s 100kg lighter than a 6cyl Supra and achieves a neater 50:50 weight distribution, so it ought to handle a little better (especially if its BMW Z4 cousin is anything to go by), while a 5.2sec 0-100kph time and 249kph top speed are 0.9sec and, um, 0kph worse off than the top spec 3.0-litre.

If these pictures are anything to go by, you’ll cope. And only the nerdiest of nerds will identify your lesser-powered Supra on the streets; these pictures present their best opportunity to swot up on the 18in wheels and 10mm-narrow exhaust tips that differentiate 4cyl Supras. It’s otherwise exactly the same as the 6cyl, right down to badging. No word on prices yet, mind…