Official GR parts now available for Toyota Vios & Yaris

By sep, 26 October 2021

A selection of GR parts are now available in Malaysia for Vios and Yaris models

UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd has announced that a selection of over 20 GR parts and accessories (Gazoo Racing) are now available at all five GR Garages and 39 GR outlets across Malaysia (dealerships that are competing in the Vios Challenge). These race-inspired parts are available exclusively for GR Yaris, Vios GR-S, Vios, and Yaris models.

Below is the list of all the GR parts available at these UMW Toyota dealerships.

If you happen to have the ultra-rare GR Yaris model, the GR Garages also offer five styling upgrades exclusive to the car which include the GR front spoiler with rear extension, side skirts, rear bumper spoiler, sports muffler, and carbon-fibre design interior panel set.

In other words, items 1-5 with the name Yaris in the list are only available for the GR Yaris. The rest of the GR Parts are available for the other three models mentioned above - the Vios GR-S, Vios, and Yaris (unless you're driving the Vios GR-S because that already comes with the GR start
switch button, GR emblem, and GR carpet mat).

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