"Nissan will never abandon the Skyline" - Nissan's VP

By sep, 16 June 2021

Strong rumours have surfaced in Japan regarding Nissan's decision to axe and discontinue all of its sedan production models in order to make way for more crossovers and SUVs. Four particular models were named, including the Skyline. Is this the end of the infamous Skyline?

Well, yes and no. During last week's official launch of the Nissan Note Aura, Nissan's executive vice president, Asako Hoshino, cleared the air regarding the matter. We're guessing that a lot of the Skyline enthusiasts have been making noise about the rumour, which led to Hoshino clearing the air at the end of the Q&A session (55.34 mark).

According to Hoshino, "At the end of last week, in Nikkei Shimbun, there was an article about the suspension of skyline development. It was an article in the newspaper indicating that Nissan is going to close down its development of the historical model. There is no fact about such a decision-making process. We've never made such a decision, Nissan will never abandon Skyline."

So, the Skyline is safe (as it should be). But, Nissan's VP did not mention anything about the other sedan models like the Fuga and Cima (basically the same model as the Infinity Q70 and Q70L respectively). The Nissan sedan range might stay, but it looks like it might go through a major downsizing in the near future.

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