Nico Rosberg bought an AMG One. Vlogs it.

By ahmadzulizwan, 23 October 2018
Nico Rosberg

Nico Rosberg is asking for your help in choosing the colour for his new car. Not at all a big deal, right? Not the type of thing to interest anyone, right? Except that the former F1 world champion is referring to his AMG Project One. Basically, only one of the most important cars in the next few years – F1 tech, big speed, amazing design… and a starting price tag of roughly RM11 million. ELEVEN MILLION RINGGIT. (Does he get a discount? We’re not sure).

The location is in Munich, for some reason the town chosen by AMG to park its mobile showroom specially-made for AMG One customers, instead of Stuttgart. The F1 champ actually walks in and introduces himself to the attending staff with, “Hello, I’m Nico”. Careful Nico, all the new A-Class with MBUX might just answer back...


AMG hasn’t disclosed the hypercar’s 0-100kph time, but Nico guessed it will be 2.2 seconds. And even he was surprised that the car has no rear-view mirror. Instead, it will use a camera and project a video feed from it on a display fixed on the roof. The paddle shifters have a very mechanical sound to it, which Nico described as the same ones he had on the F1 cars he drove. And then there’s also the ‘DRS’ and boost button, just like an F1 car.

The car is also delayed, apparently. Nico reckons because of technical issues, probably regarding emissions; also because AMG is still trying to make it lighter.

In any case, I choose Red. That’s the colour of my AMG One. A Ferrari red Mercedes AMG One.

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