Launched: 2020 Proton X70 CKD – from RM94,800

By thoriq, 12 February 2020

National carmaker Proton rolled out the fully localised version of its Geely-based X70 offering today, bringing forth several minor changes plus a slight price cut. Here's everything you ought to know about the now locally assembled (CKD) version of the X70.

Streamlined powertrain
Streamlined powertrain

The 1.8-litre turbocharged 4cyl heart is retained from before,but it has been fettled to offer 5 per cent more torque, bringing forth a much rounder reading of 300Nm @ 1,750 – 4,000rpm. Power remains at 181bhp, but there's a new 7speed dual-clutch (DCT) automatic box to manage it all now.

The result of both the engine turning and slick new gearbox sees Proton claiming a 13 per cent improvement on fuel economy through a claimed reading of 7.6 litres/100km, whilst 0-100kph now takes 1 sec less at 9.5 secs.

No more AWD
No more AWD

Poor demands has forced proton to scrap the Executive AWD variant altogether, so all X70 CKDs are now front-wheel-drive (FWD) only, which isn't bad news entirely. On that note, the variant count remains at four still.

The range now starts with the Standard 2WD, followed by the Executive 2WD, Premium 2WD and Premium X 2WD to cap things off. Naturally, the features list is each varies based on price, which remains rather tempting...

Prices have 'SLIGHTLY' reduced
Prices have 'SLIGHTLY' reduced

If you remember when Proton first launched the X70 in late 2018, the SUV was priced from RM99,800 right up to RM123,800. Localisation effort sees Proton able to reduce that marginally, but a reduction in price is always good news, especially consideirng the new DCT box and some newly added features in the Premium and Premium X variants now.

For the X70 CKD, things now start from RM94,800 onwards. Here's the complete breakdown:

X70 Standard 2WD – RM94,800

X70 Executive 2WD – RM106,800

X70 Premium 2WD – RM119,800

X70 Premium X 2WD – RM122,800

(OTR prices excluding insurance costs)

Also, you can refer to the image below for a brief overview of the features present in each variant.


There are some new features
This is especially true in both the Premium and Premium X variants. For starters, Proton have added a new foot sensor activation feature for the powered tailgateunit present in both. Best of all, it works to both open AND close the tailgate.

Another cool feature – literally – now present in these two range-toppers are ventilated front seats. In short, it's now cooler to sit up front and drive these variants of the X70. The only thing separating these two variant in particular in the Premium X's inclusion of a glass sunroof.

Further down the range, Proton has also brimmed the back seat with a two-step reclining backrest feature. This, according to the folks at Proton, was done to deliver enhanced passenger comforts. This by the way, is now standard across the board.

We've already driven it!
Prior to today's launch, Proton had organised a special press drive from its Shah Alam HQ to Kuantan and back, and we managed to sample the Premium 2WD variant on this jaunt. Look our for our First Drive report on it shortly...