KLIMS 2018 – Lexus stuns

By ahmadzulizwan, 22 November 2018

It just occurred to me just how important Lexus’ presence is for KLIMS, simply because it is the only premium car brand around. You immediately feel it too once stepping onto their show floor – clean, white design with rather premium metal on display. A couple of vehicles immediately stand out: the Lexus UX, the Lexus LS+ Concept Car, and the Lexus ES.

Of these, the first two are not for sale here. The LS+ as the name suggests is a concept while the UX is yet to be launched. The ES, on the other hand, is a preview, with its market introduction coming soon enough (sometime next year). Price for the new ES is anyone’s guess but if they keep it as sensible as the current gen- somewhere RM250k (starting price), it will do well. Particularly as we can be certain it’ll have more tech, and being Lexus, will have plenty of cushionin’. And just look at that design.


* The UX compact crossover is much smaller than I expected. Looked okay, but that Lexus grille is obviously better represented in larger scale.

“The inspired technology of Lexus vehicles today brings with it unsurpassed luxury and premium quality in every segment, creating platforms that are not only stunning to admire, but also to experience,” said President of Lexus Malaysia Mr Ravindran K.

Lexus Malaysia’s showcase for this year’s event included the Lexus RX Special Edition that has received interior and exterior updates, the Lexus NX and the perennial head-turner, the LC500.