It’s time to ruin - sorry - spec your new Porsche 911

By topgear, 04 December 2018

There are only two version of the new Porsche 911 just now. You can choose between a rear-drive Carrera S and a four-wheel drive Carrera 4S, and that’s it. No ‘non-S’ slower version, no Cabriolet, no Targa, no Turbo and no lightweight GT versions. Yet.

But that doesn’t mean you’re not spoilt for choice on Porsche’s new 911 configurator. Oh yes, it’s here. Vivid paint hues (well done Porsche). Lurid seatbelts (not so clever). A bizarre option of green leather inside, for retro kicks. Four different wheel options, all of which are gigantic.

The new 911 is not a cheap sports car – even pre-options it’s well over £90,000 (RM477,000), and we struggled to get one to a pleasing level of equipment and duck under the six-figure barrier. We really tried. Several hours arduous research brought us to said conclusion.

Some of Team TG’s more eye-catching spec decisions have been immortalised in the gallery below. We now invite you to do the same. Or better…