Grab ride bookings may take longer beginning 12 July

By ahmadzulizwan, 10 July 2019

Grab has issued a statement that waiting times to secure a ride could potentially be longer as a result of new regulations which begins 12 July 2019. These new regulations – which includes having to possess a PSV (Public Service Vehicle) license, undergoing medical check-up, and getting their vehicles inspected by Puspakom – could make Grab drivers become less interested in providing the service, thus reducing the number of drivers available.


The Singapore-based ride-hailing company is doing their part in easing the process of making current drivers comply with the new regulations, namely with the Pakej Pikul Bersama where online training is provided for free and reimbursement is provided for the medical check-up and Puspakom inspection. However, based on my conversations with a few drivers plenty of them are considering their options. Also, roughly 20 per cent of drivers who have taken the PSV training are waiting for their examination results and unless it’s out before the deadline, these drivers are not able to hit the roads.

Grab has not provided an estimate of how many driver-partners they could lose from the estimated 200,000 they have now, but advice Grab users to book their ride earlier than usual especially if it’s time critical (catching a flight or need to attend an important meeting). Also, to book a ride outside the peak hours of 7-9am, and 5-8pm if possible.

Currently, Grab serves 1 million ride bookings per day with the passenger getting confirmation on a ride within six minutes. From 12 July, the waiting time could be longer particularly during peak hours and rainy days.