Ducati Malaysia wins awards for best commercial after sales & marketing teams

By sep, 02 November 2021

Ducati Malaysia received the awards via the virtual Ducati 28th APAC National Meeting

The 28th Ducati APAC National Meeting saw Ducati Malaysia being awarded not one, but two outstanding awards in two different categories - Best Commercial After Sales and Best Marketing. The annual meeting consists of 13 countries in the Asia Pacific, which makes the awards even more amazing.

Five different awards were bestowed to distributors from other countries such as Ducati Philippines (Best Growing Market of the Year), Ducati Taiwan (Best Service/Training Team), and Ducati South Korea (Best Importer of the Year). Only Ducati Malaysia received two awards for 2021, and that's a lot to shout about considering the country's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Dennis Michael, Head of Ducati Malaysia, "Firstly, I would like to thank my amazing team for pulling out all the stops in achieving such recognition in the eyes of our brand principal. Throughout all the years of operating, this is the first year ever Ducati Malaysia has received such awards. These two awards reflect the passion and commitment that we have collectively poured into Next Bike Sdn Bhd to becoming the premier beacon of Ducati for all Malaysians."

"With this incredible tailwind, we’re set to finish off 2021 on an amazing high. With new models and specials arriving on our shores soon, 2022 will be another exemplary year for Ducati Malaysia. Knowing the amazing team we have here at Ducati Malaysia, there’s no doubt that we’ll retain our titles and work harder to bag more awards next year! Finishing this off, I would like to express my gratitude to each and every one of our amazing customers for standing by and giving their relentless support to Ducati Malaysia. Thank you, and Forza Ducati!" added Dennis.

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