Japan is overflowing with amazing cars

By topgear, 05 February 2019
Photography: Alex Penfold

You may have noticed that we’ve had an extensive buffet of Japenese car content over the last few weeks. That’s because two of our indefatigable photographers – Mark Riccioni and Alex Penfold – have been seemingly trying to capture every single cool car in and around Tokyo. And they’re making a decent dent on the situation; from mad Jimnys, to wide-body Porsche parties and every auction, tuning show and insane car park meet in between they’ve been filling their SD cards to the brim. But there’s more. As Alex has found a bizarre car museum in an old railway station, plus some incredible supercars on the street – including, a fantastic dress wearing Lamborghini cat and a Pagani with a roof box. So click through to the end and marvel at the wondrous world of Japanese car culture.