First Impressions: Falken Azenis FK510

By thoriq, 08 August 2018

If you’ve followed our exploits on Instagram and Facebook recently, you’d know that we’ve kicked things off this week by taking part in a specially organised test session for the new Falken Azenis FK510 tyre.

Slotted as Falken Tire’s new flagship Ultra High Performance (UHP) offering, local distributors Stamford Tyres (M) Sdn Bhd (STM) had kindly hosted us, plus a handful of local press members and its dealers, in this special pre-launch test session.

The half-day program was designed specifically for us to get to grips with Falken’s new Azenis FK510 just before it launches. From what we’ve gathered, Falken’s new flagship offering looks and feels promising indeed.

Well, given that it is aimed squarely at high performance sedan and SUV owners, it needs to be. Here’s what we managed to garner from Monday’s test.

Falken Azenis FK510

So, what’s new with the Azenis FK510?
Falken has gone to great lengths at improving its flagship offering further, promising unrivalled high-speed wet weather performance. For starters, the Japanese tyre maker harnessed its new NEO-T01 manufacturing technology process.

New here too is the use of its proprietary Tension Control Technology casing mould shape technique and 4D Nano Design. Next comes the new ACP tread pattern design that features Variable Sipe Depth, Hybrid Undertread Cap Ply, Wide Shoulder Blocks, Switchback Siping, and Four Circumferential Grooves.

Plainly, this new Azenis FK510 offering marks huge improvements in both design and construction over its predecessor. By the way, with this much tech involved, this flagship deserves nothing but the best, so Falken produces them exclusively in Japan.

Additionally, Falken will offer this new flagship in three forms starting with the Azenis FK510 Premium, followed by the Azenis FK510 Premium SUV and Azenis FK510 Premium Runflat. All variants will be available in a variety of sizes that starts from 17-inches onwards.


Sounds good, but does it all work?
Unsurprisingly, yes. Our half-day day program saw us drive about with a fleet of Honda Accords, all shod with the new Azenis FK510, its Azenis FK453 predecessor, and its nearest competitor product (or Brand X) in and around the Shah Alam Stadium.

We kicked off our test with a basic slalom course to gauge agility and grip level before following that up with a run on a skid pad for wet surface emergency braking test. After both comes a brief test-drive loop on public roads surrounding the stadium to gauge on-road comfort and noise levels.

Almost immediately, much of the improvements over the Azenis FK453 predecessor were clearly demonstrated, particularly through the improved dry and wet surface grip levels. What really takes the cake though is the Azenis FK510’s significantly enhanced noise reduction compared to both the tyre it replaces and fights against.

Simply put, Falken haven’t just made its flagship better than before, they’ve also refined it in equal amounts, which is great. If anything, this is a tyre that we’re certain will sate the needs and demands of any discerning high-performance sedan or SUV owner alike.

So when and where can I get a set? And how much will they cost?
Well, you don’t need to wait too long. STM will officially launch the new Falken Azenis FK510 tonight in fact, and we’ll have more details, including price when from then on. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram tonight for that…