Blueshark R1 smart electric scooter launched - 110km range, speakers, From RM7,190

By Gokul, 23 March 2023

You can also subscribe to one instead of purchasing it for about RM500 a month

Blueshark R1

Blueshark officially unveiled the Blueshark R series electric smart scooter recently, comprising the R1 and R1 Lite, for the Malaysian market. 

The Blueshark R1 smart electric scooter arrives with cutting-edge patented battery technology, class-leading features and diverse ownership options to shift the electric vehicle paradigm in Malaysia.

Blueshark R1

With the Blueshark R1 smart electric scooter, riders will be able to ride up to 110km on a single charge (NEDC), with a top speed of 80km/h and peak torque of 201Nm.

The smart electric scooter is powered by a 5000w high speed electric permanent magnet motor and Dual Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery packs which can be easily swapped at any Blueshark battery swap station (BlueStation) or fully charged anywhere within 3.5 hours. 

Available with five riding modes including the Walk Assist Mode (WAM) and Turbo modes, the Blueshark R1 is also equipped with the advanced ArkRide proprietary smart operating system, with Bluetooth connectivity, GPS navigation, media playback, OTA updates, driving recorder and more, via the 10.4-inch full Colour HD IPS user-friendly dashboard.

Blueshark R1

To create better accessibility to green urban mobility for all Malaysians, the Blueshark R1 smart electric scooter will be offered with a diverse range of ownership options, including outright purchase and attractive subscription packages for the smart electric scooter as well as swappable battery packs.

That being said, the Blueshark R Series scooter is priced at RM9,390 for the R1 and RM7,190 for the R1 Lite (on the road without insurance). Both models will come with a charger, two charging cradles, and a Bluetooth key.

Blueshark R1

For an additional RM 79 per month, owners can opt for the Corporate Rental Package (Vehicle plus batteries) where they can rent two batteries.

Meanwhile, those who want to lease a unit instead of purchasing one, will have to pay RM547 per month for the R1, or RM487 per month for the R1 Lite. This Corporate Rental Package will include scheduled maintenance as well as wear-and-tear parts replacement.

Blueshark R1

In addition, two batteries, a Bluetooth key, a Sim card, and an Optional home charging kit with RM250 refundable deposit is also part of the package.

Blueshark R1 CKD
Blueshark Smart Electric Scooters to be assembled in Malaysia