2022 Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace R-Line review - "Passat's SUV cousin"

By sep, 19 May 2022

Here's what we feel about the 2022 Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace R-Line 4MOTION

Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) unveiled the facelifted Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace line-up just a couple of months ago, less than two years after the 'original' Tiguan Allspace was launched. Two variants were introduced - the Elegance and the one that we got to test, the R-Line 4MOTION.

With a price difference of close to RM45,000 (RM174k for the Elegance & RM219k for the R-Line), each model represents a completely different offering from looks right down to performance. Naturally, we were all drawn to the R-Line's sportier facade and even sportier powertrain right off the bat.

First and foremost, the facelifted Tiguan Allspace is arguably the best-looking seven-seater SUV in the market to date (in our opinion, not to be confused with facts like 'the sun is hot') and the R-Line certainly takes it up a few notches. It features a redesigned grille upfront, together with new bumpers and sleeker headlamps. That additional LED strip certainly brings the whole front end together. Already off to a great start.

The R-Line trim features can also be found via its rear bumper, spoiler, and front door trim panels plus scuff plates that make the Elegance variant look pretty 'meh' when put side by side. Nevertheless, it still looks great, but the R-Line certainly looks a lot better, especially in this Platinum Grey colour option paired with those 19-inch "Valencia" wheels.

Step inside the cabin and you'll find that the seven-seater configuration is still pretty much the same at first glance. This time around, the Tiguan's interior has been enhanced with the additions of a new three-spoke steering wheel with touch-sensitive buttons, a 9.2-inch Discover Pro infotainment system (with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto), and an also new 11.7-inch digital instrument cluster.

We absolutely loved its 10-speaker 480-watt Harman Kardon sound system while sitting happily on the power-adjustable front seats, and the same goes for those who are sitting in the second row. The third-row seats, however, are more suited to smaller human beings as full-sized adults might find them a bit tight from all sides. Luckily, its three-zone Climatronic air-conditioning unit makes it up for a comfortable drive no matter where you're seated.

volkswagen tiguan allspace r-line interior
volkswagen tiguan allspace r-line interior

Some folks might appreciate the storage spaces mounted on the headliner, but we also got comments that a sunroof would bring wonders to the Tiguan's overall feeling of spaciousness. As a seven-seater SUV with sporty looks, the Tiguan R-line is not bad, but it could be miles better with this not-so-simple swap. Boot space can go up to 1,775 litres, but that requires the sacrifice of a few seats.

volkswagen tiguan allspace r-line interior
volkswagen tiguan allspace r-line interior

Now comes the performance. The Tiguan R-Line's 2.0TSI turbocharged engine produces 220PS and 350Nm of torque (70PS and 100Nm more than the 1.4-litre Tiguan Elegance). Paired with its seven-speed DSG gearbox and 4MOTION all-wheel-drive system, the R-Line is able to deliver brilliantly (and comfortably) in all normal driving road conditions.

While it does offer a range of driving modes including off-road and snow, most Malaysian owners (if not all of them) will tend to stick with either Eco, Normal, or Sport. The Tiguan delivers comfortably yet swiftly for everyday driving scenarios, and can indeed get a bit more spirited when put into Sport. Quite a good pairing considering that the Tiguan also comes with Dynamic Chassis Control that automatically controls the suspension for each individual wheel.

volkswagen tiguan allspace r-line performance
volkswagen tiguan allspace r-line performance

Truth be told, I would honestly prefer the Passat over the Tiguan based on personal preferences alone on any given day. But with a growing family, space is a vital component in everyday travels, and the Tiguan R-Line is indeed one of the best options in the market that delivers relatively the same performance figures whilst offering a huge upgrade in space and seating compared to the VW sedan we adore.

A slight increase in monthly repayments for that RM220k loan (compared to the Passat's RM211k price tag) won't be too much of a fuss, but the Tiguan's overall offerings will ensure that you and your other six occupants will appreciate it, especially if you travel long and far frequently. Not bad at all for a guy that's not really into SUVs all that much.