No time like Mustang time

Ford Mustang watch 4

You may notice that occasionally, we do feature timepieces here at Truth of the matter, car owners are now more than ever ready to embrace other passions to incorporate into their auto lifestyle. However, not all watches can display an inherent connection to the car world.

Not so for Denmark-based REC Watches though as they are probably the only watchmaker in the world which can make an entire timepiece crafted from components off classic Ford Mustangs. Yes, you read that right.

Ford Mustang watch 2

Christian Mygh and Jonathan Kamstrup both scour salvage yards across the globe looking for scrapped Stangs’, each capable of being transformed – by hand – into hundreds of unique timepieces, costing from $1,495 (RM6,100).

“Most people would just see a pile of metal, a ghost of a Mustang. We see something completely different – the soul of a car and a story that needs to be told,” said co-founder Mygh. “I’m not cutting up Mustangs. I’m bringing Mustangs that are beyond repair back to life as a watch.”

Ford Mustang watch 1

The company will even produce a watch from parts donated by a customer. That’s exactly what champion drift driver Vaughn Gittin Jr. did, who now wears a watch that includes carbon fibre bodywork from his 700bhp World Drift Series Ford Mustang RTR.

The end products are detailed too, incorporating vehicle identification number, year of production, as well as classic Mustang design elements. For example, the hands, date and dial numbers are influenced by the Mustang dashboard.