Zandvoort circuit is back in F1

By ahmadzulizwan, 15 May 2019

So Zandvoort is back on the F1 calendar for the 2020 season after a 35-year absence. This should be interesting for at least two reasons – 1) the atmosphere will be manic since the locals will have Max Verstappen to cheer for, and 2) this is an ol’ school circuit, joining the likes of Suzuka, Spa, and Monza. Tweaks planned to take place in anticipation of F1’s return hopefully won’t introduce acres of run-off areas (or widen the track by much).

Ol’ school it may be, but the Zandvoort circuit’s layout has changed since the last F1 race in 1985, so it won’t be quite the same as when, for example, Niki Lauda , James Hunt, and Alain Prost last drove on them. Just based on the Max’s demo F1 run video at the circuit (see below), it is incredibly narrow and tricky. The last fatal accident there was in 2017 when David Ferrer tragically passed away due to injuries while participating in a Historic GP race.

It will be the second new venue for 2020 after Hanoi, Vietnam, with an agreement for the race to run for at least three years.

Trivia: Remember A1 GP? Do you remember that A1 Team Malaysia and driver Fairuz Fauzy outright won the sprint race in 2008? Yes, they did. It was a wet race, and along the way to the no.1 spot, Fairuz triumphed over a list of famous racers including Earl Bamber, Loic Duval, Jeroen Bleekemolen, and Neel Jani.

Main pic: Sarah Kudling