Your Suzuki Jimny can now look like a Ford Bronco

By topgear, 07 January 2020

Remember the catchily named Japanese tuner Dream Automotive Design and Development? It emerged in the 1980s, but more recently shot to our attention by turning new Suzuki Jimnys into baby versions of the Land Rover Defender and Mercedes G-Class.

The “Little D” and “Little G” were great fun, and now DAMD is back with two more Jimnys in fancy dress. This time they’ve gone retro, and you can make your super little Suzuki SUV take the form of either a classic Ford Bronco or the original Jimny from the 1970s. 

Let’s start with the Bronco (or the Jimny Dronco as DAMD calls it). There are white steel wheels, new front and rear bumpers and even a rear ladder. That pastel blue paint looks rather lovely too.

Then there’s what DAMD is calling “the ROOTS”. This is a proper throwback Jimny, with a front bumper that looks like the LJ10’s from the 1970s. There’s a contrast roof here too, as well as black steel wheels and what looks like some retro fabrics inside. Very nice.

We’re big fans of all four of DAMD’s efforts now, and picking a favourite is proving very difficult indeed.