You'll never guess what's inspired the final BAC Mono

By topgear, 10 February 2020

The end is nigh for the BAC Mono, marked by three final editions put together in unique specs. But don’t fear, for they’re rolling out of BAC’s Merseyside base just in time for the arrival of a brand spanking new Mono that’ll be shown at the Geneva motor show in March. Phew.

Dubbed the Mono One – for slightly less than obvious reasons when there are three of them – they come in white, black and red, each priced at £158,950 (approx. RM849,799). They get more visible carbon on their bodies (what bodies they actually have, of course), new carbon-hybrid wheels and a swathe of unique logos and plaques to designate them as even more special than the hardly run-of-the-mill regular Mono.

Inspiration for those logos has come from a wildly unexpected place, too. Go on, have a guess. Nope, not that. Not that either. Over to BAC…

“Our design team paid homage to Björk’s 1999 ‘All Is Full Of Love’ music video when it came to creating Mono One, as the robot within said video inspired the car’s primary aesthetic when it was first designed over a decade ago. A Björk-robot-inspired logo features on the wing and the headrest.

“On top of a long list of standard features, Mono One also comes with a one-off helmet with Björk-robot-inspired livery, accentuating the concept of the driver as an integral part of the car.”

So there you go. More track specials inspired by Icelandic singer/songwriters, please. We await the Caterham Seven Jófríður Ákadóttir and Ariel Atom Magni Ásgeirsson any moment now.