You'll need to hurry if you want a Proton Saga Anniversary Edition

By daryl, 09 July 2020

Proton has officially, albeit virtually, taken the covers off the Proton Saga Anniversary Edition built to commemorate the nameplate’s 35th anniversary. As described earlier, the Anniversary Edition is defined by yellow accents on the bumper trims, grille, dashboard and dials, with the primary vehicle colour being a black hue seemingly inspired by the iconic Proton Knight. The Saga’s 15-inch alloys have also been sprayed in a darker finish to match the overall look and feel. 

Beneath the cosmetic changes is an otherwise familiar Saga Premium AT, the range-topping variant of the 2019 facelift which marked the introduction of a Hyundai-sourced four-speed automatic replacing the controversial CVT of yore. The 1.3-litre engine’s output of 95PS and 120Nm is similarly unchanged. 

One of the more practical additions to the Anniversary Edition is an N95 filter, which will also be offered in all new Proton models moving forward. A highly relevant feature in a pandemic-stricken era, the filter can be retrofitted to older units of Proton’s existing offerings at the cost of RM50.15 – this will rise to RM59 from October 2020.


Also available for purchase is the 35th Anniversary Accessories package consisting of the front spoiler, side skirts, door visors, boot tray and insulation foam for the boot and bonnet. These can be fitted to any 2019-or-later Sagas for a bundled price of RM2,035 – the sum of these parts would cost you RM2,350 if purchased individually. 

The price of the Proton Saga Anniversary Edition itself is identical to that of the Saga Premium AT at RM39,300, tax break inclusive (the additional cost for a fully-accessorised unit as pictured still applies). Without the sales tax exemption, it will revert to the Premium variant’s old RM39,800 selling price, though this is extremely unlikely since Proton is only manufacturing 1,100 units of the Anniversary Edition. 

Yes, it’s limited too. Have we listed enough reasons to convince you to embark on a new Proton saga?