You can spec a Nissan Almera Turbo with these extras once it's launched

By daryl, 15 October 2020

Although the new Nissan Almera Turbo is no longer a stranger to Malaysian roads, the B-segment sedan has technically not been formally launched in the market just yet. When it was first previewed, distributor Edaran Tan Chong Motor (ETCM) indicated a price range of RM80k-RM100k for its latest volume-getter, which is set to go on sale here with a sole 1.0-litre force-inducted three-banger good for 100PS and 152Nm. And while we're nowhere close to getting firmer prices for the three variants slated for our market, we now know how much it'll cost to dress them up with a few optional extras. 

ETCM has pulled off the unusual stunt of revealing the prices of the new Almera's Optional Accessory Packages before the car is even launched. But we're not complaining because the options on offer certainly put some nice finishing touches on a compact sedan that already looked pretty decent to begin with. 

Starting with the exterior, the additional bits you should be looking out for in the pictures below are door visors (RM400), carbon-effect door handle protectors (RM60 per pair) and a gloss black trunk lid spoiler (RM780) reserved for the low- and mid-spec VL and VLP variants only. The latter is similar to the one already fitted as standard to the range-topping VLT. These three items can be purchased as a bundle for RM950 (RM350 for door visors and handle protectors only for VLT-spec owners). 

door protector

Inside, Almera owners can spruce up their rides with an LED room lamp (RM150), trunk tray (RM220) and stainless steel kickplates (RM200), which are all sold collectively for only RM400. If you've opted for the base-spec Almera VL that's equipped with fabric seats, ETCM will let you swap them out for leather-upholstered seats with dark grey accents for RM1,380. A dual-channel (front and rear) driving video recorder is also listed at RM1,200. This potential life-saver can be packaged with either a Solargard Armorcoat tint for RM1,950, or with a V-Kool Elite tint for RM2,750 all-in.

Sure, you'll eventually be able to find online sellers peddling many of these items in due time. But all accessories purchased through ETCM come with a three-year, 100,000km warranty, whichever comes first. 

Now, if only we knew how much the actual car costs...