You can now play classic arcade games in your Tesla

By topgear, 09 October 2018

Tesla has made an announcement. About cars. Version 9 of its over-the-air software was installed in Teslas across the States, and the most important news (we think) is that it allows you to play classic video games.

Oh, of course there are other, more road-testery things you might like: dash cam operations (for cars fitted with dash cams), a new app launcher, better climate controls (they’re all in one place now, and the Model 3 gets 3D visuals on air flow and one-touch temp control swiping), Autopilot upgrades, full 360-degree view (all eight cameras are now active), and obstacle awareness (where the throttle is limited upon seeing obstacles).

But the games. Stick either your Model S, Model X or Model 3 in ‘Park’, and classic Atari arcade games are now discoverable as Easter Eggs. “Happy hunting!” Tesla proudly proclaims.

So there. A Tesla announcement. About cars.