You can now have an armoured Aston Martin DB11

By topgear, 12 September 2018

Think ‘armoured car’ and you most likely think of an exceedingly bulletproofed Merc S-Class (or similar) riding through traffic with guard cars flanking it. Security at its toughest.

And yet there’s another way, and it comes via a German company called Trasco, who’ll armour something much more exciting. Like an Aston Martin.

This is an Aston DB11 with ‘level 4’ armouring, enough to protect “against attacks with handguns, kidnapping, car-jacking or theft of valuables”. Good. We dislike all of those things.

The use of ballistic steel and composite materials means it adds just 150kg to your DB11. A bit more than a few bags of shopping, we’ll admit, but on a 1.9-tonne car with 600bhp, it ought not to be the kind of ballast that leaves you bogged down at the lights. And its fuel economy deficit is likely of no concern to the kind of person a) buying a DB11 and b) needing protection from kidnapping.

Like what you see? Which car would you inappropriately armour up? Someone’s done a Peugeot 205 GTI, after all…