You can make your Renault Sport Clio resemble an RS16

By topgear, 07 December 2018

Ever since the Renault Sport Clio relaunched in 2013, enthusiasts have been hoping it would receive a little more pep. Following the superlative Clio 200 Cup, it felt a little flat, not least because of its standard paddleshift gearbox.

Well, Renault has launched some accessories that might help, though none of them are a manual gearbox. Boo.

They are inspired by the mighty Clio RS16 concept, including its muscular body kit (2,000 euros) and large rear wing (1,249 euros) as well as Turini wheels, carbon bucket seats, stronger brakes and stiffer suspension. Oh, and a Megane R26.R-style carbon bonnet (1,800 euros). Just no 271bhp Megane Trophy engine. Double boo.

It’s all part of something called RS Performance, a new accessories line that’ll also extend out across its other models, old and new.

“RS Performance is a product offering that bridges the gap between sports and racing cars,” says Renault Sport’s Guillaume Calvar. “It is our way of giving track enthusiasts everything they need to customise their Renault Sport vehicle and make it a beautiful, high-performance trackday car.”

‘Everything’ might be a broader term than you expect, too, because RS badges are also being stamped on trolley jacks, tool drawers, spray guns and torque wrenches. Hang around the pit lane with those, though, and there’s a danger you’ll look like Joey Tribbiani in all his Porsche gear. We’d just stick to the car accessories…