You can buy an ex-military G-Class for less than £13k

By topgear, 14 January 2020

A German tuner has just torpedoed your new car shopping list for 2020, because it is offering used, ex-military Mercedes G-Wagens from the 90s from under £13k (approx. RM68,600).

Time to cross off the Dacia Dusters and Ford Fiestas you were planning on, one suspects. The used Gs come via the German and Swiss armies, through to Lorinser. Lorinser is one of only 46 car dealerships in Germany able to use the ‘Mercedes-Classic Partner’ tag.

The ‘Puch’ Gs they’re offering come in three-door long wheelbase form, in either a convertible/eight-seat configuration, or hard-top/four-seat version, the latter featuring metal tables and two individual seats in the back, the former with folding seat benches. Said seats are covered in “robust” leatherette. Well, of course.

Each G gets four-wheel-drive and a four-speed auto gearbox, with a 2.3-litre four-cylinder petrol engine… which may or may not have covered quite significant distance. Lorinser says that the prices range from €15,200 to €19,500 (approx. RM68,732 to RM88,176) – still a bargain in anyone’s book – dependent on mileage (45,000km to 202,000km) and the model year (1990 to 1996).

However, if you want something a little less grimy, a little less tired and with a bit more ‘jazz hands’, Lorinser will partially restore one of these used military Gs, and offer it to you from prices starting at just over £42k (approx RM221,650). These restomods get fully refurbished bodies, LED lights, cable winches, towbars, a radio and new seats with new logos. One of them, clearly, comes with a questionable black und red colour scheme which might be just a little too ‘jazz hands’.

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