Yamaha's 470hp Hyper-EV electric motor now open for orders

By sep, 15 April 2021

Yamaha Motor has announced that it will be accepting orders for its latest electric motor to companies that are interested in developing their very own hyper-EV models of the future. What's amazing about this particular EV motor from Yamaha is the fact that it's super compact, but packs quite a punch. 470hp to be exact, of 350kW.

This class-leading in output density is not the first time Yamaha is involved in the EV game. In fact, they've been accepting orders since last year, but for less powerful electric motors ranging from 35kW up to 200kW. Their latest 350kW motor, however, is meant for high-output usage, which you can imagine if there are multiple of these in a single car.

yamaha hyper ev motor
yamaha hyper ev motor

What makes Yamaha's electric motor different from the rest in the field is that its compact construction was concluded as the engineers treated all of its mechanical and electrical components as a single entity. With this in mind, they've successfully integrated the gear and inverter into one unit, which is a very good start for any high-powered EVs which plan to use more than one motor in their setup.

Orders are opened this month, and for those who are interested to see this electric motor live in person, you can do so at the Automotive Engineering Exposition 2021 in Yokohama, Japan from 26-28 May 2021.