Would you do this to your Tesla Model 3’s face?

By topgear, 13 October 2020

Welcome to yet another option for the Tesla Model 3 owner who wants to make his or her car stand-out from the hundreds of thousands of others. It’s a bodykit by Startech, the bit of Brabus that tunes non-Mercs, and can be yours next month for a few thousand Euro.

Available parts include a new front-bumper that totally changes the Model 3’s face, plus a new rear-bumper, spoiler and side-skirts. The bumpers will set you back just under €2,400 (approx. RM11,768), and you’ll pay another €440 (approx. RM2,158) for the wing. We’re told they’re made from “high-grade carbon” and something called “PUR-R-RIM”. What they do for range is anyone’s guess.

The tuner can also totally de-chrome your Model 3 by painting the door handles body-colour and the window-surround black, while inside it can fit carbon-fibre trim and re-upholster in Alcantara. The wheels are 20s, and can apparently be paired with “decent vehicle lowering”. No other mechanical changes, far as we can tell.

So, would you do this to your Model 3? Or would you leave it looking just like Elon intended – neither pretty nor ugly, but maybe a bit dull…