What would you put a brand new Skyline engine into?

By topgear, 04 April 2019

Recently we brought you news that Nismo’s Heritage people are now offering up brand new cylinder blocks and cylinder heads for the RB26DETT. That’s the twin-turbo straight-six motor powering three generations of Nissan Skyline: the R32, R33 and R34. A fine, fine engine.

Which is great if you’ve got one of three generations of Skyline and fancy a proper nuts and bolts rebuild of the engine. Or indeed fancy a stronger base for the inevitable Big Horsepower conversion. Which if you have one you should definitely do.

But what if you want to have a little bit of fun?

For example, you could buy that straight-six and stick it into – if you wanted to stay within company boundaries – a 370Z. Or a Micra. Or an Elgrand. Be a right ol’ laugh, that.


You could make a few people unhappy and slot this engine inside a new Toyota Supra. You could make loads of people unhappy and slot it into a Bullitt Mustang. Yeeee-haaaaaw!


Hell, what about a MX-5? Or, pray tell, a Suzuki Jimny?