What is Malaysia's best-selling car of 2021?

By sep, 08 February 2022

We roughly know which model sits where, but the figures are quite interesting

It's been a roller coaster ride for all vehicle manufacturers around the globe regarding sales, production, and everything in between for the past couple of years. 2021 was the year of recovery, but with the average annual sales figure dropping by 4% compared to 2020 and the lowest in the past 14 years due to a number of reasons, we looked into what were the best-selling models here in Malaysia.

Our main reference points would be direct from the car manufacturers themselves, but not all of them are still quite privy about the whole numbers thing. Luckily, the folks from Car Industry Analysis have a somewhat clear image regarding the sales figures (with a few pluses and minuses here and there, but the standings are basically accurate).

malaysia best-selling car brand 2021
malaysia best-selling car 2021

On top of that list is none other than the Perodua Myvi. Taking home the title of 'the best-selling car of 2021', Perodua recorded a total sales of 47,525 units. This figure is closely followed by Perodua's very budget-friendly entry-level model, the Perodua Axia, with 43,080 units sold. The Bezza is not too far behind with 42,698 units successfully sold last year. As for the latest Ativa, it sits at P7 with 26,847 units.

Proton's best-selling model, the Saga, was roughly around 70 units shy of the third-place finish with a total of 42,627 units registered in 2021. While Proton is not in the top three, their bragging rights came in the form of the Proton X50, which rose up the ranks in the compact SUV category with a total of 28,774 units sold last year.

UMW Toyota recorded a total sales volume of 72,394 in 2021, and according to Car Industry Analysis, the Toyota Vios and Yaris combo did pretty well with over 37,000 units sold last year. That's a steady increase which made them the best-selling non-national model, followed by the Toyota Hilux at an estimated figure of around 17,000 units. In other words, UMW Toyota did mighty fine despite the pandemic.

proton sales figure 2021
Proton sold over 114,700 cars in 2021
umw toyota 2022
UMW Toyota ready to innovate sustainable mobility for 2022