What do you make of Brabus’ new Merc S-Class treatment?

By topgear, 21 April 2021

Let it be known that Brabus is not one for procrastinating. The seventh-generation Mercedes-Benz S-Class was only revealed late last year, but the German tuner has already applied its, how to put this… specialist touch.

We’ll start with the engine tweaks. The S500 petrol has been upgraded from 429 to 493bhp, while peak torque jumps from 519 to 590 Nm. That translates to a two-tenths 0-100kph time improvement, down from 4.9 to 4.7 seconds. Wasted time is wasted money, people.

The S400d diesel, meanwhile, offers 365bhp and 750 Nm, up 39bhp and 50 Nm respectively, and a 5.2 second 0-100kph time, similarly down two-tenths. Top speed remains capped at 249kph, but you’ll headbutt the speed limiter a heck of a lot sooner.

Exterior modifications? You know what to expect by now. There’s an aggressive front spoiler, new side air intake surrounds, LED lights and sporty rear bumper insert. Wouldn’t want anyone thinking this is your typical super-luxe German limousine, would you?

There’s also a trio of new alloy wheel designs, available in 19-, 20- or 21-inch size, while the ride height has been lowered by up to 25mm – depending on selected drive mode – without compromising on the S-Class’s silky-smooth ride quality, says Brabus. Phew.

Inside there’s the usual Brabus treatment, with the example pictured above receiving two-tone leather, darkened chrome switch coating and plenty of carbon-fibre trim. Don’t like what you see? Brabus will be more than happy to accommodate, so long as your blank cheque or Bitcoin account is as extensive as your imagination.

Tempted by this over a standard S-Class as your next luxury cruiser, folks?

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