Volvo launches world's first fossil-free steel vehicle

By sep, 14 October 2021

This Volvo load carrier is the first vehicle in the world to be made out of fossil-free steel

Volvo Group has arrived at another major milestone this week with the unveiling of the world's first vehicle made of fossil-free steel. In collaboration with SSAB, this load carrier is the start of many more to come starting 2022 where more concepts vehicles of this nature will be unveiled using fossil-free fuel (steel created without using fossil fuels or fossil raw materials).

This new 'green' steel used in transport and infrastructure industries can bring significant benefits as around 70% of a normal truck's weight comprises of steel and cast iron. Apart from being way more eco-friendly in the manufacturing stages, smaller-scale serious production will begin sometime in 2022 before mass production follows suit.

According to Martin Lundstedt, President and CEO of Volvo Group, "This initiative with SSAB sets the benchmark for a fossil-free future. Just as the nations of the world come together at COP26 to address climate change, so too must organizations and industries work in collaboration to develop innovative new solutions for a greenhouse gas emission-free future. Volvo Group is committed to pioneering partnerships such as this with SSAB to develop attractive, safe and efficient new vehicles and machines that pave the way for a more sustainable transport and infrastructure system adopted for the future."

This is all part of Volvo's initiative and commitment to be climate-neutral as well as to achieve net-zero value chain greenhouse gas emissions by 2040. The use of fossil-free steel will be the next evolution of creating a greener automotive ecosystem, which follows up on their plans of entering full electrification by 2030. Climate change is indeed a threat and as one of the biggest companies in the world, reducing its overall carbon footprint is not only favourable but necessary for the future.

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