Volkswagen USA has modified some of its cars

By topgear, 25 May 2019

It may not happen that often, but every now and again the engineers at a major manufacturer will be allowed to let their collective hair down. So, what happens? Is there a big night out or a team-bonding holiday? Well, for the folks over at Volkswagen of America, having fun clearly means taking seven different VW models and bolting on a load of aftermarket parts and sporting gear – thus creating the ‘Enthusiast Fleet’ that you see above. Lads and ladies, we salute you. 

Browse through for a closer look at their handiwork, which unfortunately will never make it to market. Booo.


Jetta GLI Super Touring Concept
Now that we’ve all gone crossover mad, we can no longer buy a new Jetta in the UK. That’s especially sad when you realise that with just a bit of work they can look this good. The Super Touring Concept has heavily lowered suspension and ultra-cool Fifteen52 wheels.


Golf GTI Rabbit Confetti Concept
Where does one start with this? Well for starters, as you may have noticed, the wrap includes many classic Rabbit logos arranged in a confetti-style manner, hence the name. Then there are the 19-inch wheels complete with customised aerodisk wheel covers and ‘Turbo’ motifs that guarantee at least an extra 50bhp*. Also, roof bars on a GTI? More of that please VW.

*50bhp not actually guaranteed. Sorry


Arteon R-Line SEMA Concept
Not everything in the Enthusiast Fleet is quite as brash as the Rabbit Confetti. This already-stunning Arteon, which you may remember from the SEMA show, has been lowered by three inches and fitted with 21-inch Vossen wheels. Lovely.


Golf Alltrack Combi Concept
A lowered Alltrack may seem like a chocolate teapot kind of situation, but who cares when it looks this good? 90s graphics for the win.


Tiguan Adventure Concept
If your type of ‘Enthusiasm’ involved off-roading then you’d want this Tiguan. Look! It even has a topographical map on the outside. How useful.


Atlas Basecamp Concept
Or if the Tiguan Adventure doesn’t do it for you, there’s this Atlas Basecamp concept. It’s been designed with endurance mountain biking in mind – hence the um, endurance mountain bikes on the roof.


Golf R Spektrum Concept
Last but not least is this ‘Ginster Yellow’ Golf R. The colour comes from the Spektrum pack, which offers 40 different retro colours as $2,500 options in the US. Here it’s teamed with, you guessed it, lowered suspension and some big wheels.