Volkswagen Malaysia introduces Walnut Blasting Decarboniser service

By ahmadzulizwan, 06 August 2019

There is nothing like walnuts to improve your car’s performance, yes? Trust us, or rather, trust those Volkswagen AG people because that’s exactly what they want us to use to clean the engine. Okay, confusing? Let’s take a step back.

Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) has introduced Walnut Blasting Decarboniser as a new after-sales service which cleans the engine of carbon build-up. It doesn’t say exactly how this is achieved but based on the name, it could be by firing jets of high pressure air mixed with crushed walnut shells and blasting the carbon away. A bit like sand blasting but using, well, powdered walnut shells. It’s actually a known method used to restore very rusted metal, and as we implied before is approved by Volkswagen AG.


As for VPCM’s Walnut Blasting Decarboniser service, it specifically targets the hardened black soot around the intake valves. This build-up is a cause for sluggish engine performance, overheating and higher fuel consumption.

In any case, the service costs RM515 and a recommended measure every 45,000km. But why use walnut shells? It’s economical, efficient and non-corrosive. It also avoids the use of harmful chemicals.

Other aftersales promotions by VPCM include 20 per cent discount for absorbers which are due for a change, tyre priced as low as RM184 (including free installation, alignment and balancing), and 20 per cent discount on new batteries.