Volkswagen gives the Passat GTE a larger battery capacity

By ahmadzulizwan, 27 August 2019

Volkswagen has given the Passat GTE a revision, with the most important change being a better battery. More battery capacity=more range. The increase in capacity is 31 per cent to a total of 13kWh, which the company claims now give 70km of pure electric power based on the NEDC cycle (previously it was 50km). Under the WLTP cycle the electric motor range is 56km.

The battery not only supports moving at slower speeds but also provides assist to the TSI engine when above 140kph. What this does is provide an additional boost, especially when in the sportier GTE mode.

Having said that, the previous Passat GTE’s five driving modes have been cut to three – EV for pure electric driving, Hybrid (which automatically switches between the 115hp electric motor and 156hp TSI engine), and GTE that gives the driver the full 218hp and 400Nm of torque available from the hybrid unit. To charge the battery while on the road, the driver simply activates “Hybrid” mode in the Infotainment system. A battery divided up into ten segments then appears on the touchscreen. The driver can use this display to select how much of the battery’s capacity should be reserved for purely electric driving. For charging, the cable interface is at the front of the Passat.

The revised Passat GTE with larger battery is priced at 44,795 Euro (RM209,000).