VinFast unveils limited edition luxury SUV

By ahmadzulizwan, 12 March 2019

We’re not quite done yet with news coming from Geneva, because VinFast had a little unveiling of their first luxury SUV – the VinFast Lux V8. It was developed from the Lux SUV SA2.0 but gets a major bump of power coming from a 6.2-litre V8 that makes 455bhp and 624Nm. Hang on then, the previous sedan and SUV models were closely based on BMWs, but as far as we know Munich does not have a 6.2L V8. How then?

Not that VinFast explains the powertrain origin, too. But only a few companies make V8s with that displacement. What we are told is that maximum speed is 300kph. Design is very similar to the SA2.0, including the thin headlight design that follows the front shape of the bonnet. And that grille – the latticework on the SA2.0 was simple but worked, but can’t say that about the Lux V8.


The black bodywork is combined with carbon-coated silver detail which does help to give it the classy look VinFast wanted. Tyres are 22-inch while the roof and bonnet are made from carbon fibre.

Premium suede is all over the cabin and of course more carbon fibre. According to design director of VinFast David Lyon, "The VinFast Lux V8 is the perfect combination between performance of driving a racing car and superior luxury. Owners can relax in the back seat, while satisfying driving passion when behind the wheel".

In case you’re wondering if VinFast brought any other cars to the show, the answer to that is ‘no’. You see VinFast didn’t even have their own booth at the Geneva motor show, instead the V8 was the sole display from the Vietnamese company at Magna’s area. You know Magna, the usual partner for companies such as BMW, Mercedes, Audi, and Aston Martin. Apparently, Magna engineers – as the press release explains it - have invested a lot of effort and enthusiasm to produce this perfect special edition. Only available from 2020.