Video: you know you want this mutant Porsche ride-on

By topgear, 21 August 2019

You’ve all heard it, especially during the summer. That familiar scratchy sound of hard plastic against pavement, as kids cruise around the driveways of suburbia to the aggressive whine of electric motors. We are of course talking about ride-ons, the harmless way for bumbling toddlers to learn car control, and the gateway to car ownership for any junior petrolhead. But what happens when the kids get booted off and the adults take over? Well, crazy builds like this.


It’s a Power Wheels Porsche GT3. But not any Power Wheels Porsche GT3. Instead of the normal mini electric motor to power the rear wheels, a KTM 450cc engine from a dirt bike was shoved up front (prepare for Porschephile screaming) and connected to a six-speed gearbox. The whole chassis is bespoke, it has four fat, low-profile tyres, a steering wheel from a Honda Oddessey, a body-mounted fuel cell, and a massive wing. It’s a recipe for awesome hilarity.

It is also potentially, hilariously dangerous; given you straddle two vicious gonad-hungry chainsets, sit with a fuel tank under your armpit and the whole thing will get ridiculously hot. But does that stop us wanting to have a go? Of course it doesn’t.

Check out full details on the build above.