Video: the new Porsche 935 looks - and sounds - amazing

By topgear, 03 October 2018
Porsche 935

A little undecided on the new Porsche 935, unveiled last week? Not sure whether to laud such an emotive last hurrah for the 991-generation 911, or despair at so much effort going into a track-only car that can’t even race, despite its livery?

Allow this video to make up your mind. It’s made up ours. Without the connotations of classic Martini colours to cloud our judgement, and with the 935’s surprisingly motorsport soundtrack bouncing off the concrete of Monza, we’re utterly sold.

For one, it looks outrageously mean in matt black. To the point we’d almost beg Porsche to forgo its prescribed colour scheme to keep ours like this. Then there’s the way it jinks over the kerbs and snaps through corners, with no slack or hesitation. This looks like a ruthlessly set up car with which to pick apart a circuit. Even one that takes as few prisoners as Monza.

Mind, there looks to be entertainment still, too. Just listen to those nape-prickling downchanges. The pops, crackles and bangs as the car slows into corners. And with the GT2 RS’s 690bhp turbo engine driving just the rear wheels, we suspect it’ll still provide more than enough opportunities to prove your disdain for tyre longevity.

As a static showpiece, the modern-day Moby Dick divided our office. But as a living, breathing track toy, we’re counting down the seconds until we may – hopefully – get a go. How does it make you feel?

Video: 19Bozzy92