Video: The new Land Rover Defender can fly

By topgear, 19 February 2020

The 25th Bond film No Time To Die, which hits cinemas next month, promises much in the way of vehicular action. Some of which, we now know, features brand new Land Rover Defenders soaring gracefully through the air. And landing. Hard.

We have Land Rover to thank for these images, which show the new Defender being put through its paces in rehearsals for Daniel Craig’s fifth and final 007 film. Behind the wheel of one was W Series driver Jessica Hawkins, who was supposedly handpicked for the role by stunt co-ordinator Lee Morrison. Lucky so-and-so. 

In all ten Defenders were used filming No Time To Die, including VIN 007, the seventh car to emerge from JLR’s Slovakian factory. Vehicle line director Nick Collins said beyond the installation of a roll cage, no modifications were made to the Defenders’ body structure.

Given the black-on-black colour scheme, we’re guessing these Defenders belong to the baddies, which you can see in action through the video below.