Video: Holy moly, the 1,817bhp Hennessey F5 sounds ANGRY

By topgear, 08 October 2019

Hennessey Performance recently confirmed that its upcoming 300mph+ (483+kph) hypercar - the Venom F5 - will produce 1,817bhp. That is an extraordinary amount of horsepower.

What Hennessey also confirmed is that this engine, while sat on a dyno undergoing some light cardiovascular exercise, sounds absolutely terrifying. Opening the taps on this might just open up the seal that releases the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

It’s even nicknamed ‘Fury’, for goodness sake, and revs to some 8,000rpm. There’s 1,617Nm of torque on offer too, generated from a Very Highly Modified LS V8, bored out to 6.6-litres. To this, a pair of turbos with 3D-printed titanium compressor housings blow as much as any earthly turbo can blow.

Naturally there are some very expensive materials involved in producing a) that power, and b) that noise. Aluminium pistons. Forged steel connecting rods. A steel crank. A forged steel block. Aluminium heads. The list goes on.

So we’ll cap it there. Turn it up, and welcome the apocalypse. Come on in, the water’s warm.

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