Upcoming Corsa will get matrix LED lighting

By ahmadzulizwan, 12 February 2019

This is of course a teaser image from Vauxhall for their upcoming all-new Corsa. Due out sometime this year, the Corsa nameplate has been a popular model in Europe with 13.5 million units sold so far, and since the model was first launched in the UK in 1993, 2.1 million units have been sold on the island.

There’s a very specific reason why the teaser pic is of the headlight – the upcoming Corsa will come with its revolutionary IntelliLux LED Matrix headlights, also a segment first. This is an adaptive, glare-free full LED headlight tech that was previously fitted on the Astra and Insignia.

With this, approaching traffic and vehicles being followed are cut-out of the illuminated area. Other drivers are happy, you are safe. Win.

Behind the headlight units, Vauxhall will also introduce a battery electric powertrain into the Corsa family. Surprise!