UMW Toyota Motor kickstarts Q4 with positive sales, all-new Toyota Veloz launch

By ramieza, 10 November 2022

UMW Toyota Motor kickstarts Q4 with positive sales, all-new Toyota Veloz launch

Toyota continues to lead among non-national brands in Malaysia, with the cumulative sales  volume from January to October 2022 reaching 79,308 units. This is a continuation of the  positive upward trend which started at the beginning of the year and the brand has consistently been a market leader throughout the year, especially in the pick-up truck segment. 

The October 2022 sales volume of new vehicles delivered by UMW Toyota Motor (UMWT) was  9,281 units, (9,175 of Toyota brand and 106 of Lexus brand). Compared to the sales volumes  in September 2022, the October sales volume of 9,281 units was 0.5% higher. The  improvement is even more significant compared to the sales volume in October 2021 when  8,500 Toyota and Lexus vehicles were sold, a difference of 9%. 

Year-to-date for the first 10 months of the year, the cumulative volume for Toyota and Lexus  vehicles totals 80,153 units. This represents an increase of 47% over the same period in 2021  when 54,618 vehicles were sold. 

“While economic conditions remain challenging, the car market has also been steadily  recovering its strength in the course of the year. Thanks to the support of our loyal customers,  demand for Toyota vehicles remains high and for those who have had to wait a bit longer for  their new vehicles, we are working hard to ensure the quickest possible delivery of their  vehicles,” said UMW Toyota Motor President, Ravindran. K. 

“Our production is still partly affected but rest assured that we are doing our best to deliver  new vehicles as quickly as possible,” he promised. 
Launch of New Toyota Veloz  
During the month of October 2022, UMWT launched the much-anticipated Toyota Veloz, a  brand new Premium Crossover that promises "Happiness Inside Out”. The Veloz offers a new  and higher level of comfort with a more premium appearance. 

“Response to the new Veloz has been extremely positive, with over 7,000 orders received even  before the model was launched. This is not surprising as it is a Toyota, and the brand’s products  are well known for high quality, durability and reliability. On top of trusted products, we go the  ‘Extra Mile’ in providing the best ownership experience to every one of our customers,” said  Ravindran K.
Year-end deals  
For those shopping for a new car to celebrate the year-end festive season, UMWT is having a  great promotion with low monthly instalments starting from RM498 for the Toyota Yaris and  RM598 for the Toyota Vios. For selected variants of both models, there is also an additional  RM4,000 promotional offer. 

All Toyota showrooms provide the full range of services to make purchases, including different financing packages from a panel of financial institutions. Customers can also visit the Toyota  Online Showroom for more information and place a booking from the convenience of their  homes or office. 

For more information, customers can visit Toyota official website  or call the Toyota Freephone line at 1- 00-8-TOYOTA (869682)